F1Trade Desktop

F1Trade Desktop (F1Trade Pro) is a Level II, Direct Access software. This trading platform comes complete with fully integrated point-and-click trading. See any stock anywhere on your screen, click on it, and it’s loaded for execution. This is the preferred desktop software for day traders because of it’s advanced features.

  • Highly Organized and easy-to-follow Level II Screens
  • Advanced Charting Capabilities
  • Programmable Keys and Load Order Entry Features
  • Real-time News
  • Window Linking and Customization
  • Real-time Profit and Loss information
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows, iOs operating system through VMWare
  • Available in Multiple Languages: English, Chinese, Russian
  • Starting at a $49 Monthly Platform Fee

Our highly organized and easy-to-follow Level II screens let you quickly see how the Market Makers and ECNs are lining up. Use Level II data to quickly spot imbalances to the Bid or Ask side. Plus, easily track Market Makers and ECNs to see who the major players are in each stock and whether they’re buying or selling. Combine Level II with real-time intraday charts and Time & Sales windows, and you have the best opportunity to trade off of buy side or sell side biases.

F1Trade Pro gives you a wealth of charting capabilities and timing indicators. Choose from a full range of chart types including Price, Candlestick and more. Plus, go right into the action with real-time daily charts, and intra-day charts. Then ramp up your market analysis with technical indicators, trend line studies and drawing tools. All of which are updated in real time, tick by tick. This type of up-to-the-tick analysis is an incredible advantage for traders targeting quick momentum moves or for investors that want to get the best buy/sell price for their long-term trading strategy.

One of the most exciting and insightful tools is the Quote List. The Quote List serves several functions at once. First, it gives you immediate “at a glance” knowledge of where the securities you’re following are right now. It instantly alerts you when your price or volume targets are met. Second, it provides over 10 data points including Last Trade, Bid/Ask, Intra-day High/Low, $ Change, Volume and many more.

Pinpoint the hot stocks to trade. Our Top List window allows you to see which stocks are making the big moves with just a glance at your screen. For example, watch as a list of the Nasdaq’s highest Gainers or Losers is updated on your screen every seconds. You’ll see which stocks have posted the highest or lowest price gains so far for the day. This easy-to-read window also allows you to see 20 columns on your screen.

The Account Manager is the accounting center of F1Trade Pro. This window contains two separate areas which dynamically track your positions and buying power.

Keep complete track & control of your open orders, trades, positions, account balance, realized/unrealized profit & loss, and buying power all in real time.

Breaking News focus on:

  • Earnings reports
  • Earings warnings/pre-announcements
  • Earnings surprises
  • FDA approval/disapproval
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Alliances/partnerships/Major Product Releases
  • Major Contract wins/losses
  • Restructuring/Layoffs/Management Changes
  • Stock Splits/Buybacks/debt offering

Dynamically updating Time & Sales windows list detailed trade information as it occurs in real time, instantly displaying a list of every trade for a security. This incredibly insightful tool helps you gauge the support and resistance of certain price points and determine the volume behind each trade.

See in real-time stocks hitting intra-day highs and lows. Customize your search by price, volume, change and % change.

System Requirements


  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or higher (dual core or better)
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM.
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later.
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768.
  • Hard Drive: 300MB free space.
F1Trade Desktop