What’s even better than the best mobile trading app? How about no cost? Mobile F1Trade is free to all users. It’s a responsive, web-based trading platform designed to work on any smartphone. Some traders may like this mobile trading platform so much it becomes their primary trading method. There’s no need to stay chained to a desk or computer – isn’t this one reason you left the business world to become your own boss?

This day trading app is also ideal for part-time traders, who can make trades while en route to and from their workplace or during downtime. When traveling, trade from any time zone. Mobile trading is never further away than your pocket. With modern technology, trading via your smartphone is as safe and secure as trading from your desktop or laptop.


iDASTrader is an iOS App for Apple iPhone. Its numerous features include:

  • View account status

  • Get quotes

  • Place trades

More and more trading is moving to mobile, and F1Trade is a leader in the field among online brokerages. While mobile trading isn’t replacing desktop trading completely any time soon, it’s likely that will happen someday.


While convenience is important when it comes to mobile trading, even more crucial is the quality of the mobile trading app. You want to ensure your trades go through fast and accurately, and that you have up-to-the second quotes, the same as you would have from a conventional trading platform.

F1Trade’s mobile trading app provides everything you require for day trading on the go, where speed is of the essence. As long as you have WiFi access, you can trade seamlessly through our mobile trading platform. The best mobile trading app available – that’s just one more example of the F1Trade advantage.